The Office of IFACP Ombudsman has been established by the Governing Board of the program (‘IFGB’). It appoints the Ombudsman on the recommendation of the IFACP Joint Council.

The Ombudsman’s terms of reference and procedures are set out in the IFACP Rules (viz IFACP Handbook, Section 4, Attachment ‘A’). He exercises jurisdiction in the geographical area governed by those rules. The countries currently in the IATA Cargo Agency Programme are being progressively transferred to the IFACP and will thereupon come within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman.

In essence, the Ombudsman provides dispute resolution assistance, on the one hand, to Forwarders registered under the IFACP, as well as to those whose applications for registration have been rejected and, on the other hand, to the IFACP Secretariat and the airlines in the program. Typically, the kinds of dispute that arise stem from the operation of the IFACP, excluding CASS, which, as the airlines’ collection system, continues to be administered solely by IATA. Additionally,  Clause 7. of the IFACP Forwarder Agreement envisages the possibility of referring to the Ombudsman a bilateral dispute between the Forwarder and an IFACP Airline, with a view to securing informal resolution.

Details of the IFACP Ombudsman’s Rules of Practice & Procedure are accessible on this website.